Locking HDMI Male-Male

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Our Locking HDMI Male-to-Male lead allows you to maintain strong connections at all times. A more advanced design from traditional alternatives, it combats the issue of heavier and thicker cables weighing down within the connector. This causes them to easily fall or be pulled out of their sockets.

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Traditionally, issues such as this can interrupt the signal, minimise its strength and cause specific damage over longer distances. These lockable cables are the best and most effective solution. Being the world’s first ATC certified integrally locking HDMI, this connector can be used with any standard HDMI socket. It can effectively improve the connections created between televisions, DVD players and other kinds of HD screens. A built-in lock has been designed to engage automatically when the cable is inserted. This delivers exceptional retaining force, ensuring the cable stays in place over time. For large-scale commercial environments, this minimises downtime and improves productivity. All of this happens without adding any bulk to your cable set-up and by using a strong, flexible outer sheath. Our Locking HDMI cables have a male-male connector, allowing information to be passed in two directions.

If you’re looking for quality data networking products, look no further than RCL. We work hard to design, manufacture and distribute items that work within any budget. If you have any questions about our Locking HDMI Male-Male lead or any of the other computer cables available in our online store, get in contact with the team here today.

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