RJ45 Connectors

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When building a strong and reliable data network, our RJ45 Connectors are truly essential. They allow cables to be plugged in and removed without the need for specialist IT skills. Ordinarily used for ethernet connections, they can be used to offer faster speeds than traditional Wi-fi and can be integrated into motherboards such as those found in laptops.

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Additionally, many people choose RJ45 connectors due to their flexibility, allowing peripheral devices to also be connected to PCs. They are an ideal choice for added protection and are even well-suited to hard environments. Our RJ45 connectors can be used in industrial settings and offices alike. They have in-built tension-resisting boots which protect all the pins found within the jack from unnecessary stress. You’ll find a variety of different connectors, including those designed for either Cat.5e or Cat.6 cables. Equally, we have options for terminations onto solid and stranded cables. Order single connectors for a specific application or create a bulk order and add segments to your existing set-up.

As with all of the products available here at RCL, our RJ45 Connectors are designed to suit your budget and needs. We manufacture them in-house, using years of experience to ensure you receive the highest quality. Our team understands the demands that both commercial and residential environments face. Therefore, we strive to bring you the right product for every requirement at a cost-effective price too. If you have any questions about the RJ45 Connectors found here, get in contact with our team today.

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