Fibre Wall Boxes

If you are looking for a compact way to distribute and terminate multi-way fibre optic cables you have come to the right place. Our fibre wall boxes have been designed to have a low profile as they can be mounted onto your wall with ease. These particular wall boxes have been designed for inside use only.

Our selection of fibre wall boxes includes our double door lockable fibre breakout boxes, single door lockable fibre breakout boxes and standard fibre breakout boxes. For each fibre wall box, you can select the fibre type, number of fibres, connector type and quantity.

In terms of manufacturing, these fibre wall boxes have been crafted to a high standard which means they are made to last. Some of our fibre wall boxes are lockable, which makes them vastly more secure and provides you with peace of mind.

Do not hesitate to contact a member of our experienced team if you have any questions or queries. You can contact us today at or call us on 01793 644899.

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