Fibre Cable

You can transmit data with ease for using our reliable fibre cables. These cables are said to have higher bandwidth than traditional metal cables, which many businesses find beneficial.

We have a wide range in our fibre cable range; some products can be used for LAN and WAN backbones or telecom access lines. We also have products that incorporate high-quality sheathing, which makes these cables suited for indoor and outdoor installation.

Our fibre cable range includes products such as OM3 fibre cable, OM4 fibre cable, OM4 Fibre cable and OS2 fibre. All these products have been manufactured to high-quality.

All of our fibre cables have been tested and verified according to the specific standards set by each. The cables in this category have been manufactured to a high standard, this means that you can rest easy knowing that the fibre patch leads you purchase will be safe and secure.

If you have any questions about our selection of fibre cables, you can contact a member of our dedicated RCL team by emailing them at or on 01793 644899.