Here at RCL, we provide a range of services to suit every customer. And one of the most popular is cable assembly. Organising your cables is vital for a number of reasons. It creates an ordered environment that can be altered and adjusted as needed. It minimises bulk and confines electrical cables to a defined area. And, it helps to minimise overheating. But what are cable assemblies? And how do they fit into your business? This blog post will explain everything.


In short, a cable assembly is a grouping of cables which have been organised into a single unit for a single purpose. This is normally done to speed up installation and make it as simple of a process as possible. All of the cables used are cut to the required length and positioned purposefully. In many setups, the assortment of cables may be different lengths, colours and diameters. These can still be organised in a uniformed manner to make it easy for the entire cable set-up to be completed.


There are a number of components in a cable assembly. These include:

  • Cables – Each one will have a specific purpose and be cut to suit this application.
  • Protective sleeve
  • Tape/securing mechanism
  • Plug or socket arrangements (optional)

There is no specific design when it comes to cable assemblies. Each one needs to be designed and constructed individually to suit it’s required use.


You’ll find cable assemblies used for various applications. Quite literally, anywhere that requires numerous cables will need some form of assembly. This includes in mass production to reduce assembly time for machinery or equipment. The automobile industry makes particular use of them during audio equipment installation. Additionally, they are used within heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and often with ethernet and broadband connections.


With over 15 years of experience, RCL are specialists in fibre optics and data networking products. Our cable assembly service is designed to suit your needs while creating a bespoke solution to fit your needs. We’ll work with your requirements to build cable assemblies that are effective and easy to adjust. If you have any questions about this service or your individual needs, get in contact today. Alternatively, see our range of Projects online to showcase how bespoke cable assembly could benefit your business.