Ultima Wall Boxes

Ultima has proven themselves over the course of 22+ years. This brand produces high-quality, reliable and cost-effective networking solutions that you can utilise at home or in your business. Ultima has been operating since 1997, which means they have vast knowledge and experience of the industry under their belts. This experience translates into the products they manufacture, as you will see, they are crafted to be reliable, high-quality and sturdy.

This network range includes categories such as Ultima Cat.5E Products, Ultima Cat.6 Products, Ultima Cat.6A Products and Ultima Fibre Products. Our Ultima Cat.5E Products includes patch leads, patch panels and Cat.5E Port Unloaded Patch Panels to name a few.
Our Wall Boxes are well made and sturdy and we are able to offer them in flat packed, assembled,, IP55, 2 Sectioned and low profile versions. Of course along with accessories which can be brought separately and can compliment the wall boxes.

For any questions you may have about our Ultima Network Range, you can contact a member of our dedicated team by emailing them at sales@rclglobal.co.uk or on 01793 644899.

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