Fibre Adaptors

Our high-quality fibre adapters have been designed to align and connect two fibre optic connectors. The adapter bridges the gap in-between the cable and the cable fibre connections.

This range includes products such as duplex adaptors, quad adaptors and simplex adaptors. For each adapter, you can select the preferred quantity and fibre type, most of our fibre adapters have two different fibre types available, including multimode and single-mode.

For added security and safety, these fibre adapters have been tested and verified to meet the high standards that have been set. The high level of expertise that has gone into each product will give you a sense of security when using these adapters.

If you have any questions you may have about our selection of fibre adapters, you can contact a member of our dedicated RCL team by emailing them at or on 01793 644899.

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Simplex Adaptors
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Quad Adaptors
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Duplex Adaptors
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